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Golden way Consulting Group

Golden way Consulting Group

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Student Services

Consultation in education and continuing education

In the modern world, education is the safest investment any person can make to advance in their future, and so choosing the right education provider and the country of destination is crucial.  Golden Way Consulting Group in line with this fact, offers the following services by expanding its activities in the field of consulting in education and continuing education at prestigious universities around the world as well as TRNC:

  • A full range of counseling and consultation, support and assurance that students are seeking the right university and are admitted to the most appropriate program in their postgraduate, doctoral, or vocational training.
  • The field of study they would like to pursue
  • Choosing the right universities for the right courses
  • Identifying and introducing university selection based on academic achievement and student financial capability as well as other factors such as university security, location, and interests and so on.
  • Advice on external exams and language tests required by different universities to prepare students well in advance,
  • Advice and introduction for scholarships and grants
  • Provide information on the selected country, city and university
  • Advice on accommodation, use and security of appropriate accommodation


During the program:

  • Provide a comprehensive list of study abroad programs, including summer schools, apprenticeships, work-based service training and volunteer programs high school education, language intensive programs and more, by country and city intended.
  • Advice on completing university questionnaires
  • Advice and guidance in completing personal statements or scholarly articles on future achievements and endeavors
  • Advice on completing and submitting the required documents for admission.
  • Advice on collecting and translating all the necessary documents, graduate diplomas, related certificates and distance education and educational gaps etc.
  • Provide information on entry deadlines so that applicants submit all required forms in a timely manner.
  • Ongoing updates by contacting universities to keep applicants informed of the progress of their programs.
  • Advice on how to quickly and safely send all academic documents to universities and training centers to avoid wasting time in the application process.


After determining and securing a place in the university:

  • Advice on a variety of topics such as loan plans, bank transfers, student cards, visas / clearances, etc.
  • Primary contact with other students who are currently studying or graduating.
  • Hold pre-departure meetings with students, if needed, with university officials to answer any questions they may have.


In Short we offer the followings:

  • Career counseling
  • University and program selection
  • Admission application support
  • Scholarship guidance
  • Visa application assistance
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Pre departure support
  • After arrival counseling