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Golden way Consulting Group

Golden way Consulting Group

Cyprus Education, Immigration and Investment Advice

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide a direct, simple but comprehensive procedure with a list of suggestions to help the clients to make an informed choice on their objectives. We give an in-depth picture of the study courses which will help the clients to make sound decisions with respect to course selection and planning for their future career.    We assist interested clients to decide to pursue their investment objectives for sound and profitable investment with high returns with expert advice to figure out the right choices.


Why choose us:

We are based in TRNC

The Mediterranean and Northern Cyprus or the jewel of Europe offer many benefits in terms of culture, lifestyle, beauty, tranquility, complete security whether for living, vacationing or investing or studying for your beloved children.

Our service is to invite you to Northern Cyprus and the Mediterranean, whether to invest in property purchases, or job opportunities in social marketing jobs, or for those whose children want a higher but low-cost education. Those who are looking for good choices in their lives.

Whether you are looking to buy a property, or looking for a job or a new investment, or just curious about what Northern Cyprus and the Mediterranean have to offer, we are here to support you. Let's help. (Complete the contact form)