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Golden way Consulting Group

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Language school Services

In conjunction and cooperation with Language Academies and Universities based in the “Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC)” we are able to offer extra curriculum tutoring and training services in a wide range of subjects related to languages specifically English and other languages including Turkish. In the spirit of providing better educational opportunities and more meaningful interaction with other cultures, we have offered plans to provide training and introduce teaching English as a second language at various levels at different rates and hours a week. We attempt to turn our objectives into a working curriculum that is in line with the current theories and research findings in the area of second language acquisition and with the recent trends in foreign language curriculum design and teaching methodology.

We provide various support services for students planning to study at the TRNC.  The following services will be available for those students planning to take courses through us:

  • Language learning tours custom designed for groups or individuals
  • Prepare Students for  various Test of English such as IELTS, TOEFL, and others
  • Provide International accredited English mock tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and others
  • Provide students with required study books and materials
  • Provide students with handouts related to the courses they take
  • Orientation

We will organize a student orientation before the commencement of each term. Orientation usually showcases the services and activities available to students during their study including course planning advice, student support services, clubs and societies, and health care.

Upon commencement of each course period, students will have access to information and counseling services in the following areas:

  • Course preparation
  • Extra curriculum help
  • One on one service in learning prior to their test